A trip to Italy not to taste pizza 🍕 or “pasta” 🍝 …

Donatas, head of TAUMONA's production unit, and his colleague Gediminas visited the company "Biesse" in Italy. It is a world-renowned 🌍 manufacturer of woodworking machines. During the work trip, Donatas and Gediminas had the opportunity to get to know the latest technologies and see innovative devices that shape the future of the woodworking industry today.

During the tour, TAUMONA representatives had a unique opportunity to see modern and advanced machines in action up close. They could assess "Biesse's" solutions successfully operating in customer factories and evaluate the benefits of the equipment in daily production.

💡 The purpose of the trip was to see the latest trends and innovations. The information gained not only could increase the production efficiency of the TAUMONA company in the future but also allow it to strengthen its competitive advantage with new high-quality products.