The concern about environmental issues has led companies to create furniture that does not harm the planet.

TAUMONA is taking sustainable business actions not only because the planet’s future matters to the company, but it also believes customers make purchasing decisions based on the company’s efforts and are willing to choose products sourced, manufactured, and packaged more sustainably.

The company‘s sustainability policy has been developed and continuously improved for several years by employees who believe in the benefits of sustainability.


Managing production processes, TAUMONA moves towards a more sustainable future.

The most important goal is to manage the impact of manufactured furniture and production technologies on the environment. From design to completion Taumona can uniquely guarantee that all stages of work are both controlled and carried out in-house on it‘s own premises thus ensuring quality and flexibility whilst also saving time and money.

TAUMONA is a solid and skilled furniture producer who stands out with its flexibility and price attractiveness.


A team of experienced designers in TAUMONA creates long-lasting furniture that not only can be used continuously, but also can be easily disassembled, refurbished, or reused in new products.

TAUMONA offers high-quality bathroom furniture, modular wardrobes, and kitchens for any space. The company provides custom-made cabinetry for closets, bathrooms, and kitchens.

TAUMONA has splendid collections, selecting possibilities from a variety of materials, designs, and options according to any customer’s needs. Easy customizations, with which project managers can design, decorate and furnish your dream kitchen.


Sustainable furniture is a type of furniture that uses materials with a minimal negative impact on the environment.

TAUMONA carefully selects and considers the origin of the materials used in the furniture production processes. By using wood responsibly, we stop deforestation and contribute to preserving the forest ecosystem.

The company manufactures products from melamine-faced chipboard (MFC), painted MDF, solid wood, veneer, plywood, HPL, CPL, cork, and linoleum.


TAUMONA complies with FSC requirements (FSC® C142758) as raw materials for production are sourced from certified and trustworthy suppliers. All products comply with EU environmental regulations.

Constant attention to detail throughout the production process has earned TAUMONA a prized reputation as a manufacturer of the highest quality.

To ensure that only the finest products are produced, TAUMONA is devoted to:
• A workforce of the most skillful and highly motivated professionals.
• Continued investment in the most advanced production machinery.
• Selection of the best raw materials for production.


TAUMONA seeks certified proof of its sustainable attempts and strives to ensure customers’ high production quality.

The company is working hard to receive Nordic Swan Ecolabel in 2023, an effective tool to go ahead with sustainable solutions. This also enables consumers to choose the environmentally best goods.

Nordic Swan Ecolabelling works to reduce the environmental impact of the production and consumption of goods and sets strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of a product’s life cycle. Certifies and verifies that all requirements are met before a product is approved.


Waste remaining after the production process is carefully sorted and transported for recycling.

Since 2019, when the product, packaging, and waste accounting information system (GPAIS) was established, TAUMONA has joined it and declared waste responsibly.

All furniture produced in the factory is packed with easily recyclable materials, which can be sorted responsibly after assembling the furniture.