FSC training

🌿 We are excited to share that today, TAUMONA employees participated in a comprehensive FSC® (FSC® C142758) Certification Training!
🌲 The Forest Stewardship Council is a unique international organization founded in 1993 that promotes responsible forest management worldwide through eco-labeling.
The FSC standard controls the flow of wood and its products from certified forests or companies to the market and helps ensure that FSC products are sold on the market with appropriate FSC labels and trademarks.). Our team immersed themselves in the world of sustainable forestry practices, learning about FSC's stringent standards for responsible sourcing and environmental conservation.
📚 Expanding Knowledge: Through interactive sessions led by Ernesta, our Head of quality specialist and expert, TAUMONA employees gained valuable insights into FSC principles, chain-of-custody requirements, and the significance of ethical production.
🙌 Strengthening Our Commitment: By investing in FSC Certification Training, we reaffirm our dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices. Our clients can trust that their partnership with us supports eco-friendly initiatives.