Kayaking 🚣 not only promotes attention, concentration, and logical thinking but also helps to develop strategies to avoid obstacles, teaches teamwork (not only to wave the oars in sync but also to carry the kayak over the beaver dam step by step), communication, and trust among the boat mates. Such water entertainment encourages you to get to know work team members better and to learn and evaluate them in a critical situation.

This weekend, 10 TAUMONA enthusiasts enjoyed the great weather and swam in "Varduva" (a river in northwestern Lithuania). They covered about 16 kilometers together. Maybe 4 of them on foot, joking that "IT'S GOING FINE" because the water in the river was barely soaking feet. 🩴Torn shoes, washed phones, and scratched legs did not spoil the mood - on the contrary, they are like good spices on a great dish 😋.

Kitchen furniture manufacturers don't get scared by beavers!